David Blankleider has an extraordinary talent for visual storytelling. In just a few minutes he’s capable of thrilling the audience, after guiding them through the journeys of his characters. His care for the aesthetic of the picture along with his ability to direct actors together give his stories a completion that makes for a truly intimate viewing experience.

His unique vision is the result of his growing up in Uruguay where he developed his passion for film and TV, and achieving a certificate degree at the University of California Los Angeles Extension (UCLA Extension), thereby working his way into the industry in America. David’s stories astutely represent the balance of his diverse background and the American way of filmmaking.

It’s probably because of this blend that his films have been recognized and awarded in so many countries around the world: countries as culturally different as as China, France, Morocco, Argentina, Uruguay, the USA, and Brazil, among others. His short film “Another Christmas” was acquired by DirecTV’s network SHORTD HD and was broadcasted to millions of people. In total, David’s work has been in more that 30 international film festivals, including the prestigious Oscar-qualifying LA Shorts Fest.